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Learn what previous Guiding Leaders have studied throughout their program!

Course Description

In this online meet-and-greet, participants will be able to socialize with their fellow Guiding Leaders and ask any questions they may have about the program. Details about the program’s courses and schedule will also be provided in this webinar.

Course Description

In this two-day, instructor-led session, you will learn how to apply the four skillsets of an outward mindset: self-awareness, mindset change, accountability and collaboration. The result is a dramatic and sustained improvement in your levels of collaboration, accountability, revenue growth, market share and profitability. The course will utilize videos, individual and group exercises, and one-on-one sharing that will show you how to implement an outward mindset into your dental practice.

Jo Schaeffer

Presented by Jo Schaeffer

Jo Schaeffer has experience teaching business and management classes as well as highly technical topics to audiences as diverse as c-suite executive teams to inner-city youth. Her professional background also includes senior leadership roles in manufacturing and technology and speaking experience with large organizations like NASA, the United States Air Force, Intuit and Nike.

Course Description

Participants will arrive to a welcome back reception and have their individual headshots and group photos taken. 

After the photoshoot, slip on some comfortable shoes and take a behind the scenes guided tour, featuring some of the one million square feet of Glidewell’s laboratory.

Presented by the Guiding Leaders Team, Creative Team and Photographer

Behtash Moojedi, MBA

Behtash is a seasoned marketing expert who specializes in global digital marketing. He is experienced in digital marketing and SaaS product development across multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail trade and financial services. He has a passion for helping businesses grow their digital footprint across the competitive landscape.

Lorenzo Johnson

Lorenzo Johnson has over 10 years of high-producing sales experience as an executive sales and leadership coach. Currently, Lorenzo is a partner at Sociallyin, one of the nation’s premier social media agencies. He is also a leader in one of the country’s highest-ranked Preferred Agency Partners, which allows him to understand how to execute successful social media plans. On an international scale, Lorenzo speaks to sales and leadership teams both small and large.

Course Description

In this two-day, instructor-led session, you will learn how to become an effective speaker, presenter and leader. Topics range from the art of narration to reputation management and personal branding. You will receive coaching and personalized attention that will elevate you from pitching your dental practice to being a thought leader on the global stage. 

Presented by Deborah Shames and David Booth

Deborah Shames

Deborah is the co-founder of Eloqui and specializes in working with female executives and leaders, coaching them to identify their strengths and utilize their authentic voice to drive business. Deborah is the author of “Out Front: How Women Can Become Engaging, Memorable, and Fearless Speakers,” and she is an active keynote speaker for women audiences.

David Booth - Guiding Leaders

Using techniques derived from his experience as a director and award-winning performer, David empowers modern business professionals to be effective communicators. He is a co-founder of Eloqui, a business communications company, which utilizes the latest neuroscience research to teach business professionals how to be memorable communicators.

Course Description

Building a financially sound practice is vital for success. This course provides a general overview of business finances while also offering specific guidance and help to each Guiding Leader.

Presented by the Dentist Advisors

Ryan Isaac

Cofounder of Dentist Advisors and host of The Dentist Money Show, Ryan is a trusted CFP® to dentists across the country. As a regular speaker at dental events nationwide, Ryan shares his expertise in portfolio management, debt reduction, tax management, retirement plans, profit-sharing plans and insurance.

Matt Mulcock

Matt is a CFP® professional who provides guidance for dentists within the context of their overall financial picture. Matt’s expertise includes portfolio construction, investment management, retirement plans, insurance, debt management and tax reduction

Will Gochnour headshot
Will Gochnour is a CFP® professional at Dentist Advisors who has become an expert on dental-specific financial solutions. As a financial advisor, Will is the point-person for dentists who need fiduciary guidance on investment strategy, taxes, debt management, insurance and net-worth growth.
Victoria Hughes headshot

Victoria Hughes is a financial advisor and CFP® who enjoys providing tools and resources to clients looking to make educated financial decisions. She believes that personal finance is indeed a deeply personal decision that can’t often be addressed with standard, cookie-cutter advice.

Course Description

The Guiding Leaders will participate in a deep dive of practical tips for building a true culture of values and purpose that is sure to help them create their dream team and practice.

Carrie Webber - Guiding Leaders

Presented by Carrie Webber

Carrie Webber is chief communications officer and co-owner of Jameson Management, Inc., a dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm. Carrie creates customer service and business development opportunities as well as marketing initiatives and social media strategies to effectively communicate the Jameson message to the dental profession. She contributes to several publications and is a frequent speaker at dental meetings nationwide.

Course Description

In this highly energetic and immersive course, the Guiding Leaders will reevaluate their negotiating strategies by learning how to effectively ask for what they want and need.

Presented by Nicole Johnson and Laura H. Manyweather

Dr. Nicole Johnson

Dr. Nicole Johnson is the CEO of TetraCore Consulting, a woman-owned small business based in Los Angeles that provides executive coaching, emotional intelligence trainings and leadership development initiatives. In 2018, Dr. Johnson was nominated for the Black Business Leader Hall of Fame: Ruby Bridges Pioneer in Education category. She is also a Women in Negotiation (WIN) coach and teaches negotiation.

Dr. Laura Manyweather

Dr. Laura Manyweather works with her sister Dr. Nicole Johnson at TetraCore Consulting, providing instant consulting for clients looking to see tangible results from day one. Dr. Manyweather is also a college professor, teaching business courses to emerging leaders and aspiring business owners. From 2009 to 2013, she served as the President of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Gardena Chapter. In 2018, Dr. Manyweather was recognized as a Woman of Influence (WOI).

Event Description

As a Guiding Leader participant, you will attend our Dentistry on the Rise: Elevating Your Practice with Technology  event sponsored by Glidewell. Day One will provide a full day of podium lectures, presented by female voices of influence. Friday lecture topics will range from Esthetic Dentistry to How to Own Multiple Practices. Day Two of the symposium will provide attendees with an opportunity to attend a 3-hour, hands-on workshop of their choice.

Course Description

Friday’s course will go over the Guiding Leaders’ capstone project as well as the best ways to present case photos in lectures, articles and to their patients.

Presented by Bobbie Norton and Dr. Steven Barrett

Bobbie Norton started her career in dentistry as an RDA 25 years ago and uses her experience in dental surgery, orthodontics and prosthodontics to facilitate valuable relationships with industry partners at Glidewell. Her role as director of strategic partner relations is built on more than a decade of service at the company, with previous experience as the managing editor of Chairside® magazine and the project manager for clinical affairs. Today, Bobbie works closely with key opinion leaders and company partners to orchestrate essential programs like the annual Glidewell Symposium and Guiding Leaders.

Dr. Steven Barrett

Dr. Steven Barrett earned his DDS from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and shortly after joined the U.S. Navy, where he served for three years. In 1991, he joined Greenberg Dental & Orthodontics, a private group practice now with over 80 locations in Florida. Currently the clinical director and a senior partner with the group, he uses his 30 years of experience practicing restorative dentistry to organize the group’s in-house continuing education program, lecture at dental schools and provide one-on-one mentorships throughout the state.

Glidewell is proud to sponsor your program fees, mentoring lessons and on-campus meal expenses. Please note that airfare and lodging will not be covered.

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