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Guiding Leaders is an exciting professional development program that empowers women in dentistry to advance to new levels of leadership. It provides a dynamic environment where women can learn, grow and make an impact in dentistry together. It is a unique opportunity for women to cultivate their leadership skills as they build long-lasting relationships on their journey toward becoming voices of influence.

This leadership development program was created by Stephenie Goddard, executive vice president at Glidewell. Goddard was inspired to develop the program after noticing a shift in dentistry. As of 2019, approximately 50% of dental school graduates are women. Guiding Leaders empowers this new generation of women to become leaders in this profession. This elite training program combines online and classroom courses that cover a range of topics including emotional intelligence, finances and goal setting.

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Meet our 2019-2020 Guiding Leaders

Over the past year, 14 women dentists from across the nation have participated in the Guiding Leaders program. They were selected as the inaugural group of Guiding Leaders based on their dentistry background, career achievements and leadership potential.
Women in Dentistry - Dr. Susan McMahon

Dr. Susan McMahon

General Dentist
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Danielle Dey

Dr. danielle Dey

General Dentist
Etna, Ohio

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Ensy Atarod

dr. ensy atarod

General Dentist
Austin, Texas

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Jill Frazier

Dr. Jill Frazier

General Dentist
Missoula, Montana

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Joy Poskozim

Dr. joy poskozim

General Dentist
Chicago, Illinois

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Lan Le

dr. lan chi le

General Dentist
Dallas, Texas

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Larissa Figari-Gollar

Dr. Larissa Figari-Goller

General Dentist
Huntington, New York

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Mary Sheilds

dr. mary Shields

General Dentist
Louisville, Kentucky

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Stacey Spizuoco

dr. stacy spizuoco

General Dentist
New York, New York

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Nidhi Taneja

Dr. Nidhi taneja

Pediatric Dentist
Eugene, Oregon

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Sat Khalsa

Dr. Sati Khalsa

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Shefali Shah

Dr. Shefali shah

General Dentist
Belvidere, Illinois

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Keyla Springe

Dr. keyla Springe

General Dentist
Paso Robles, California

Women in Dentistry - Dr. Taylor Manalili

Dr. Taylor Manalili

Irvine, California

Meet our 2019-2020 Presenters

Guiding Leaders has a team of top industry professionals who provide elite training for our leadership development program. Our presenters come from diverse backgrounds and are some of the most well-respected, successful leaders in their lines of work.

barbara hauser - Guiding Leaders

Barbara Hauser

Vital Smarts

Britni Aralis - Guiding Leaders

Britni Aralis


Carrie Webber - Guiding Leaders

Carrie Webber

Jameson Dental Management
David Booth - Guiding Leaders

David Booth


Deborah Shames - Guiding Leaders

Deborah Shames


Jo Schaeffer-Crabb - Guiding Leaders

Jo Schaeffer-Crabb

Arbinger Institute
Michael Brainard - Guiding Leaders

Michael Brainard

Brainard Strategy

Michael Foster - Guiding Leaders

Michael Foster


Noelle Nitz - Guiding Leaders

Noelle Nitz

Nitz Consulting

Dr. Shawn Andrews - Guiding Leaders

Dr. Shawn Andrews

Dr. Shawn Andrews

Vivianne Pacelli - Guiding Leaders

Vivianne Pacelli, RDA


Meeting Locations

IRVINE, CAlifornia

18551 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 201

Glidewell Clinical Education is a state-of-the-art training, education and demonstration center. Our West Coast facility is conveniently located five minutes away from the John Wayne Airport in Irvine, California; and is centrally situated to local shops, beaches and more. It is the primary meeting location for Guiding Leaders sessions in Southern California.

Louisville, Kentucky

3841 Business Park Drive

Guiding Leaders also meets in the Midwest at Glidewell Clinical Education in Louisville, Kentucky. Newly established in 2018, this facility is a state-of-the-art training, education and demonstration center that is conveniently located just six minutes away from the Louisville International Airport and only 13 minutes away from downtown.